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   Program Overview
   List of Features
   What's New

Creating software without scripting
   Getting Started Tutorials
   Some Techniques and Tips
   Creating puzzles without scripting

   Creating third person games
   Creating interactive 360-degree panoramas
   Creating software for
   Creating software for iPhone and iPod touch

Creating software with VBScript
(Full Edition only)

   Introduction to VBScript
   Language Reference
   Objects Reference
   VBScript Techniques and Tips

   Sample Source Code

Pictures, sounds and music
   => Creating Pictures
   Music Maker help
   Creative Painter quick help
   Sounds and Music
   Videos, Icons, Cursors

Plugins (Full Edition only)
   Overview of the Plugins System
   Downloading/Uploading Plugins
   The Plugin Properties window
   About the Flash Plugin

   User Interface Tips
   Reducing the project size
   End-User System Requirements

Advanced tutorials
(Full Edition only)

   Creating a custom startup menu
   Using ActiveX components (ocx)

   Common issues and solutions
   Known bugs and limitations

About us
   Contacting us
   Helping out

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   Introduction to VBScript

- Introduction
- Variables
- Making variables interact with hotspots
- Going to another frame
- Available actions
- Modifying hotspot and text attributes
- Procedures

   Language Reference

- Functions that belong to Adventure Maker
- Message Boxes (how to use the MsgBox function)
- Input Boxes (how to use the InputBox function)

   Objects Reference

- Hotspots, text and looping videos
- Standard Controls

- VB6 Objects

- Objects used by Adventure Maker

   VBScript Techniques and Tips

1. How to launch an executable at run-time?
2. How to create a random variable?
3. How to go to a random frame each time that the user clicks on a hotspot?
4. How to hide the mouse pointer?
5. How to create a money variable, to increase it and to display it?
6. How to display a 2-lines message?
7. Is it possible to completely change the contents of the inventory when the player comes to another scene?
8. How to display a message in a frame instead of in a standard message box?
9. How to limit the number of inventory items carried?
10. How to change the picture associated with a hotspot?
11. How to move and resize a hotspot during runtime?
12. How to include web links?
13. How to display the LoadGame or SaveGame windows when entering a frame?
14. How to make a looping video appear and disappear every 7 seconds?
15. How to make a bird fly only from time to time (i.e. every X seconds, where X is a random duration?
16. How to create a score-system?
17. How to make the score appear on all the frames?
18. How to password-protect a part of the game?
19. How to create a global countdown?
20. How to completely replace the drop-down menu that appears when pressing Esc?

21. How to display the frame name on all the frames?
22. How to display the current time on all the frames?
23. I have a Dialogue and when it end I want it to go to a new frame. How can I do that?
24. How to allow the player to examine the inventory items?
25. Can I create recursive timed events?
26. How many timed events can I create?
27. In the dialogue wizard, how to make it so that the message won't disappear until you click on it?
28. How to go to another frame only after the player has clicked 5 times on a hotspot?
29. How to play sounds and/or videos from within VBScript?

30. How to determine if the player has a specific item in the inventory?
31. How to show/hide an item that is already in the inventory?

   Sample Source Code