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   Program Overview
   List of Features
   What's New

Creating software without scripting
   Getting Started Tutorials
   Some Techniques and Tips
   Creating puzzles without scripting

   Creating third person games
   Creating interactive 360-degree panoramas
   Creating software for
   Creating software for iPhone and iPod touch

Creating software with VBScript
(Full Edition only)

   Introduction to VBScript
   Language Reference
   Objects Reference
   VBScript Techniques and Tips

   Sample Source Code

Pictures, sounds and music
   => Creating Pictures
   Music Maker help
   Creative Painter quick help
   Sounds and Music
   Videos, Icons, Cursors

Plugins (Full Edition only)
   Overview of the Plugins System
   Downloading/Uploading Plugins
   The Plugin Properties window
   About the Flash Plugin

   User Interface Tips
   Reducing the project size
   End-User System Requirements

Advanced tutorials
(Full Edition only)

   Creating a custom startup menu
   Using ActiveX components (ocx)

   Common issues and solutions
   Known bugs and limitations

About us
   Contacting us
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(the platform you want to create software for)


Windows PSP iPhone and iPod touch
Create hotspots to move from a frame to another.
+ Use both transparent and graphical hotspots.
any edition any edition any edition
Use custom cursors to give a feedback to the player when there is a clickable hotspot under the pointer. any edition any edition no
Create puzzles without any programming by easily creating and using boolean variables to activate / deactivate transparent hotspots and to show / hide graphical hotspots.
+ Change the value of one or more variables when the player clicks a hotspot.
+ Bind a hotspot to a set of variables.
any edition any edition any edition
Display text messages when the player clicks a hotspot. any edition any edition any edition
Use timers to go to another frame after X seconds. any edition any edition any edition
Display animations by using animated GIFs (no animated transparency on Windows).
+ Associate them with hotspots so that they appear/disappear when the variables change.
+ On Windows, change the speed of the animated-GIFs (if no hard-coded speed found)
any edition any edition any edition
Display animations with videos:
+ Use as many videos as you want in the same scene.
+ Support for AVI, MPG, WMV, and more.
+ Possibility to include CODECs in the package of the software you create.
+ Associate videos with hotspots.
Play once or loop.
+ Change their volume.

+ Change their playback speed.
+ Have the audio track seamlessly mixed with the other sound effects.
any edition no no
"Load game" and "Save game" features built-in. any edition no no
Customizable inventory system
+ Pick up items when a hotspot is clicked.
+ Drag-and-drop items on hotspots to make something happen.
+ Use items on each other and combine items.
+ Change the inventory background, inventory button, items spacing, etc.
+ Drop-down inventory or static.
+ Appear/disappear progressively.
+ Include a menu button inside the inventory, and change its appearance.
+ Use icons of any size for the inventory items.
any edition no no
Full-screen real time transitions when moving from a frame to another (alphablending or slide) any edition no no
Multi-channel sound system
+ Play up to 7 sounds at the same time
+ Fade-in / fade-out / cross-fade effects
+ Options to loop forever, change volume...
+ Native support for MP3, WMA, WAV, MIDI, and more.
+ Support for OGG Vorbis (CODEC required)
any edition no no
Create conversations with the easy-to-use Dialog Wizard
+ Make it so that an answer causes more questions to appear.
any edition no no
Add real-time effects such as rippling water and smoke. any edition no no
Add text to the frame background directly from the Adventure Maker interface (right-click on the frame background). any edition no no
Create hotspots that are common to multiple frames (whether they are transparent or graphical) by using the "Runtime Frames Merging" feature. any edition no no
Go to specific frames when a savegame is resumed by using the "Set Resume Locations" feature. any edition no no
Create third-person games with the included third-person plugin.
+ Possibility to create your own character.
+ Set the speed of the character (global).
+ Make the character appear smaller when far away and bigger when close.
+ Choose the position and the orientation of the character when looking at an object, when moving to another frame, etc.
+ Very easy to use.
full edition no no
Create 360-degree interactive panoramas (cylindrical) with the included 360-degree panorama plugin.
+ Integrate graphical hotspots just like in non-panoramic games.
+ Integrate AVI videos like in non-panoramic games (the videos are seamlessly projected on the 3D cylinder surface).
+ Switch between panoramic and non-panoramic frames in the same game.
+ Use images up to 2048 x 2048.
+ Very easy to use.
full edition no no
Use scripting (VBScript) to greatly expand the power of Adventure Maker.
+ Easy-to-learn, standard, reliable VBScript
+ Syntax highlighting.
+ Built-in syntax check and error handling routines.
+ Change the code during runtime (global procedures only).
+ Execute any code during runtime for debugging.
+ Interact with and control the Adventure Maker objects, variables, inventory, and much more.
+ Interact with external executables or with ActiveX components to add new features.
full edition no no
Embed Flash movies by using the included Flash plugin.
+ Check if the Flash Player is installed.

+ Interoperate between the Flash movie and the Adventure Maker scripting engine by sending messages from the former to the latter.
full edition no no
Create plugins or use plugins created by other people.
+ Built-in easy-to-use GUI designer, to easily add new textboxes and buttons to the "hotspot properties" and the "frame properties" windows.
+ Create encrypted plugins so that others cannot see the source code (to create commercial plugins for example).
+ Bundle the plugin with a configuration utility.
+ Interact with external executables or with ActiveX components to add new features.
full edition no no
Run from CD/DVD: Distribute your game on CD/DVD and make it read the files directly from the CD/DVD instead of the hard disk (avoids having to install the whole game) (basic installation still required). full edition no no
Support for multiple CDs/DVDs (when a file is needed, the game tells the player to insert the CD/DVD number X). full edition no no
Create very large projects (more than 150 frames). full edition full edition full edition
One-click compilation resulting in files that can be played when Adventure Maker Free Edition is installed (no VBScript / plugins). any edition any edition any edition
One-click compilation resulting in full-featured stand-alone files. full edition any edition any edition
Creation of a full-featured installation wizard that allows installing and uninstalling the produced software on the end-user computer.
+ Creates icons in the Start Menu, including an icon for an optional "Readme" file.
+ Displays a customizable license agreement
+ Can execute additional files, such as the installer for a CODEC or for the Flash Player.
+ Can be translated into other languages (the package already includes: English, French, German, Spanish, Catalan, and Italian - more languages can be added).
full edition no no
Make money with the software you create with Adventure Maker (directly or indirectly, by placing advertisements on your website, by selling the software, by using the software as a way to attract more customers to another product, or by any other means). full edition for commercial use full edition for commercial use full edition for commercial use




Image files: JPG, BMP, GIF (with transparency) and animated-GIF's (without transparency on Windows)

Vector-based graphic files: WMF and EMF (with transparency)

Icon / cursor files: ICO and CUR

Audio files: MP3, WMA, WAV (any sample rate and size), OGG (codec required), MID, MIDI, AU, SND, RMI, MPA, MP2, WM, and ASF. More formats can be played if the corresponding CODEC and DirectShow Filter are installed.

Video files: AVI, WMV, MPEG, MPG, MPE, M1V, WM and ASF. More formats can be played if the corresponding CODEC and DirectShow Filter are installed.

It is possible to include a CODEC in the installation package of the software created with Adventure Maker, making it possible to easily add support for  DivX, XVid, and other file types.

ActiveX controls: OCX.