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   Program Overview
   List of Features
   What's New

Creating software without scripting
   Getting Started Tutorials
   Some Techniques and Tips
   Creating puzzles without scripting

   Creating third person games
   Creating interactive 360-degree panoramas
   Creating software for
   Creating software for iPhone and iPod touch

Creating software with VBScript
(Full Edition only)

   Introduction to VBScript
   Language Reference
   Objects Reference
   VBScript Techniques and Tips

   Sample Source Code

Pictures, sounds and music
   => Creating Pictures
   Music Maker help
   Creative Painter quick help
   Sounds and Music
   Videos, Icons, Cursors

Plugins (Full Edition only)
   Overview of the Plugins System
   Downloading/Uploading Plugins
   The Plugin Properties window
   About the Flash Plugin

   User Interface Tips
   Reducing the project size
   End-User System Requirements

Advanced tutorials
(Full Edition only)

   Creating a custom startup menu
   Using ActiveX components (ocx)

   Common issues and solutions
   Known bugs and limitations

About us
   Contacting us
   Helping out

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1. Where can I find free sounds to use in my games or applications?
2. How can I create my own music?
3. What is the Ogg Vorbis audio file format (.ogg files)?

1. Where can I find free sounds to use in my games or applications? provides thousands of free sounds. More links are also available here.


2. How can I create my own music?

The Adventure Maker package contains a free utility to create your own music, called "Music Maker". To launch it, run Adventure Maker, load a project (or create a new one), click "External Programs", and then click "Music Maker".

Help for this program can be found here.


3. What is the Ogg Vorbis audio file format (.ogg files)?

Ogg Vorbis is a free (public-domain) audio file format that compares to MP3 in terms of quality/size.

In order to use it with Adventure Maker, you must download the free Ogg Vorbis codec available at the following URL:

The files compressed in the Ogg Vorbis format usually have the ".ogg" extension.

Important note: when you distribute your project, make sure that the codec (downloadable from the link above) is included in the installation package of your setup program, and that it is automatically executed at the end of the installation process (to do so, just add it to the list of "root files" and "files to run at the end of the installation" in the "Distribution Options" window).