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1. What are the system requirements for the software created with Adventure Maker?


1. What are the system requirements for the software created with Adventure Maker?

This section only concerns the software for Windows. It does not concern the software for PSP or for iPhone / iPod touch.

The minimum system requirements are similar to those of Adventure Maker:

    Computer: IBM PC or compatible, Pentium 133 MHz CPU or better
    Memory: 32MB RAM and 30MB hard disk space
    Monitor: 256 colors or better
    Interface: Mouse device or equivalent. A keyboard is required for naming savegames.
    Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, or compatible
    The 360-degree panorama feature requires DirectX 7 or compatible

However, the recommended system requirements highly depend on the resources that your software uses (for example, a good CPU and a good CD-ROM drive are required if you want to play DivX-encoded videos).

- Video Card: The resolution (e.g. 640x480) and the color depth (e.g. 24bit) depend on the size and of the color depth of the pictures used in your software. JPEG pictures are automatically saved in 24bit (16 million colors), whereas GIF's are saved in 8bit (256 colors). A "High Color display" is usually recommended.

- Sound Card: If MIDI files are played, a "MIDI capable" sound card is required. Otherwise, a "Windows compatible sound device" should be enough.

- CPU: If your software is only made of static pictures (no videos or transitions), any CPU will be ok (133Mhz or higher). If the software features full-screen videos or alphablending transitions, a "733Mhz or higher" CPU is recommended.

- Operating System: Any Windows operating system since Windows 95 should work. However, some features may be unavailable on operating systems older than XP. For example, the alphablending transitions require Windows 98 or newer. To be sure that all the features are supported, it is recommended that you require Windows XP or newer.

- RAM: The more, the better. "64MB" is recommended, but the software should also work with 32MB.

- Other Requirements: "Windows Compatible mouse", "4X CD-ROM drive" (a much more powerful CD-ROM drive may be required if the software is run from CD and it features full-screen videos), and, of course, "xMB free hard disk space", where x is the size of the project folder (uncompressed).