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1. How can I reduce the size of my AVI videos?
2. Will the unused files become part of the final executable?


1. How can I reduce the size of my AVI videos?

You can either change the resolution of your AVI (in that case you must use the "stretch" option of Adventure Maker if you want to play them full-screen), or change the "frame rate" of the AVI (the "number of frames per second"), or you can recompress the AVI with a more powerful CODEC. To do so, you can use any Video Processing program, such as the freeware VirtualDub. It is recommended that you first try with one of the default Windows CODEC (Cinepak, Indeo, RLE, MS Video), which do not require you to distribute any decompression CODECs since they are included in Windows. If you find them not powerful enough, you may download a better CODEC from the Internet (such as DivX, MS MPEG-4, etc.). In that case you must include the decompression CODEC into the installation package of your software in order to make sure that the AVI file can be played on any system. To do so, just get the CODEC executable from the authors of the CODEC, and then include it as an external file to be "run at the end of the installation" in the "Distribution Options" window of Adventure Maker.


2. Will the unused files become part of the final executable?

When creating executables for Windows, all the files that are listed in the "Resources Manager" window (click "Manage Resources..." from the "Project Menu" to open it) - with the exception of the files that are inside the "Shared Resource Files" folder - will be distributed with the software created with Adventure Maker. You can easily delete the unwanted files by going to the "Resources Manager" window, selecting them, and pressing the "Del" key (or right-clicking on them and clicking "Delete"). To sort the files by their size, click the "Details" button in the toolbar to change the view style, and then click on the "Size" column header.