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  • What's new in Adventure Maker version 4.4

    The main improvements since the version 4.3 are:


    1. Create software for iPhone and iPod touch (in addition to Windows and PSP).

      Note: some features are not yet supported. For more information, please read the features page.

    2. New option under the Project Properties, called "Right-click opens the inventory with access to the menus".
      When the option is selected, right-click controls the inventory instead of controlling the menu.

      Furthermore, unless you have also checked "completely hide the menus" (formerly named "remove the drop-down menu at the top of the screen"), the menus are accessible from the inventory, by clicking on the icon in the top-right corner.

      You can change the appearance of that icon by going to the "Inventory" tab of the Project Properties.

    3. Possibility to execute some VBScript code instead of displaying the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. The new option is located under the "Advanced" tab of the Project Properties.

      The code will be executed every time that the menu is supposed to appear, that is: when you press ESC, when you right-click (unless the other option is chosen), when you click on the menu icon that is in the inventory (when the other option is chosen), etc.

      For example, you can easily go to a custom menu frame:

    4. New experimental and unsupported "Create HTML" feature, to export any game into HTML files to play online. To access it, you must choose "Windows" as the target platform.

      Note: the limitations are the same as those for iPhone and iPod touch (more info).

    5. When importing a large picture, Adventure Maker will ask you if you want the picture to be automatically resized to fit the frame size. (Previously, in v4.3, this feature was only available for PSP games).

    6. Improved PSP compiler (improved reliability).

Minor improvements:

  • New "800 x 600" and "1024 x 768" frame size options under the Project Properties. Previously, you had to select "custom" and then manually enter the size.
  • New "Jump to Desktop" button in the "Load Project"/"New Project" windows.
  • The "Load Project" window remembers the current directory
  • The hourglass in the PSP games is more visible.
  • New button images in the "Tutorial Graphics" folder.
  • Improved help document (more tips and new search feature).
  • New icon for the "COMPILE" button in the AM user interface.
  • Sample project for iPhone and iPod touch included in the AM package.
  • New "help" button on every menu of Adventure Maker (the buttons lead to the home page of the help document).
  • More reliable PSP compiler.
  • Compatibility improvements.



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