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  • Adventure Maker overview:

    Adventure Maker logoAdventure Maker is a free innovative toolkit to create point-and-click games and multimedia software in minutes, without any scripting or programming. It runs on Windows, and it allows creating software for Windows, PSP, iPhone, and iPod touch.

    Adventure Maker is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is to import your pictures, add some hotspots to link the pictures to one another, and you are done!

    Adventure Maker is particularly suitable for the creation of picture-based adventure games, virtual tours, educational software, presentations, and interactive visits.

    When creating software for Windows, Adventure Maker provides "Load/Save Game" functions, conversations, inventory items, 360-degree interactive panoramas, support for Flash, multiple-CD distribution, third-person game characters for creating third-person adventure games, full-screen transitions, water/smoke effects, multi-channel sounds, animations, support for over 30 file types (OGG, XviD, DivX, mp3...), support for plugins, and more.

    The Adventure Maker package contains an icon editor, a music composer, an innovative program for drawing, a program for batch resizing and compressing pictures, and more. The package also includes sample games, tutorials, and language presets for easily creating games in other languages (English, Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, and Spanish).

    For an introduction of Adventure Maker, examples of created games, and a simple tutorial, please watch the Video Guided Tour.

    For a comprehensive list of features, and a comparison between the Free Edition and the Full Edition, please read the Features page.

    You may also be interested to know what's new in Version 4.4 and what's new in Version 4.5.

    The Full Edition is compatible with the Free Edition, meaning that you can start creating your software with the Free Edition, and then possibly open it and continue working on it with the Full Edition. For more information on the Full Edition, or to purchase it, please visit the Full Edition Store page.

    System requirements:

    Adventure Maker runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista, as well as some older Windows operating systems.

    The software compiled for iPhone / iPod touch is safe HTML-based software that runs through the built-in web browser. No hack or system modification of any kind is required to play it (though the games work on modified systems as well).

    The software compiled for PSP is compatible with any legal firmware 2.x or above, and does not require any system modification or hacking of any kind (it is safe HTML-based software that runs through the legal PSP built-in Browser).


  • New version 4.5: One-Click Sell and more!
  • Examples of what you can very easily create with Adventure Maker:

    Create first-person and third-person adventure games, educational software, presentations, interactive visits, 360-degree panoramas, and more!
    and iPhone, and iPod touch

  • Screenshots:

    Click on any of the following pictures to enlarge it.

Adding/removing pictures (frames)

Managing resources
(audio, video...) 
The Hotspot Properties A drawing tool included in the package.  Music maker included in AM (by Jeremiah Hughes)  Choosing the compilation options Localizing the created software


  • Comparison between the Free Edition and the FULL Edition, and pricing:

    The table below is a summary. For more details, please read the Features Comparison page.

Upgrades from "non-commercial" to "commercial" are also available on the Online Store.

The table below is a summary. For more details, please read the Features Comparison page.


  • Evaluating the advanced features of the Full Edition:

    It is possible to evaluate the advanced features of the Full Edition (360-degree panoramas, third-person sprites, plugins, scripting, Flash, ActiveX components, etc.) from within the Free Edition (download). Just launch the Free Edition and you will notice that the buttons that belong to the Full Edition are grayed but you can still click on them (for projects with less than 20 frames). You can even create your own plugins. Please note that some features are available only when creating software for the Windows platform (in the Project Properties, set the "target platform" to "Windows" to access all the features).


  • Getting Started:

    To create amazing games right away, the first step is to download Adventure Maker Free Edition (runs on Windows). Then, double-click the downloaded file, and install the program by following the on-screen instructions. After you have installed the program, you have two choices:

    • If you wish to create software for the iPhone / iPod touch:
    please visit the page Creating software for iPhone and iPod touch

    • If you wish to create software for the PSP:
    please visit the page Creating software for PSP.

    If you wish to create software for Windows: please visit the page Getting Started tutorials.

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