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  • What's new in Adventure Maker 4.5?
    Learn about the One-Click Sell and the other new features

    The main new feature of Adventure Maker 4.5 is called one-click sell. It allows you to publish and sell your iPhone/iPodTouch games with just a few clicks!

    You don't need an actual iPhone/iPodTouch to do that: you can develop your games on a PC and test them on your web browser.

    To make this possible, Adventure Maker has partnered with, one of the leaders in the iPhone/iPodTouch gaming communities.

    You can now concentrate on the game design and we care about the rest:

    - Your game is hosted on the iGiki servers for free (you don't pay the bandwidth and the space)
    - Your game gets a lot of exposure for free
    - You can make your game available for free or for sale, and we care about the e-commerce issues
    - You get paid every month though PayPal

    If you are working on a game for PC or for PSP, you may take this opportunity to also create a game for iPhone/iPodTouch to further increase your revenues, to drive traffic to your website, and to advertise your other products (for example, you can create a short demo of your full-length PC game).

    Here are the steps to follow:

    1. First of all you must create a game (watch the video guided tour if you don't know how to create a game with Adventure Maker).

    When you have finished, click "Compile for iPhone/iPod touch" -> "Publish to" from the Project Menu:

    2. A wizard appears allowing you to choose a picture to use as a screenshot and as a thumbnail for your game:

    3. Click Next -> Finish, and Adventure Maker will automatically compile and upload your game to the iGiki's servers:

    4. At the end of the process, you are given a validation code that you can use to claim your game from your iGiki account:

    5. Log into to claim your game, to view the list of games, and to choose how you want to distribute them (freely or for sale):

  • Other Improvements of v4.5:

    - Improved cylindrical panorama stability and compatibility (v4.5.2)

    - Resizable frame editor window (particularly useful for working with panoramic frames)

    - Fast loading of savegames even for games with thousands of variables (previously, it could take up to 1 minute to load a game with 3000 variables for example)

    - Fixed the bug that prevented loading a savegame in a panoramic game (both for the cylinder and the cubic panoramas)

    - New "Yes to all", "No to all", and "Cancel" commands in the window that asks you whether you want the imported pictures to be automatically resized to fit the game resolution

    - Possibility to select and remove multiple variables from the lists that are under the "Variables" tab of the Hotspot Properties

    - Bigger "Load Project" and "Save Project" windows of Adventure Maker

    - New VBScript command named Action.ResetRemovedHotspots to reset the "Hide this hotspot (permanently)" commands. This is particularly useful to create a custom "Start New Game" button in your game menu. Other new VBScript commands include: Action.GetNumberOfFrames, Action.GetProjectName, Action.GetProjectTitle, Action.IsRunningFromEditor... Some other commands are now documented: Action.SimulateHotspotClick, Action.ShowMenu, Action.HideMenu...

    - Possibility to stop the game when a VBScript error message appears (to prevent infinite loops of error messages) (v4.5.2)

    - Improved behavior when clicking the browser "Back" and "Forward" buttons during an HTML game or a game for iPhone/iPodTouch

    - Uninstalling a game created with Adventure Maker no longer displays a warning about shared system files

    - New option under the "Distribution Options" window when creating an executable, allowing to not encrypt the extension of the files (useful for fixing the "does not match the file format" bug)

    - Probably fixed the bug that prevented launching .AM1 files from a Chinese Windows (still to be verified)

    - Possibility to evaluate the Advanced tab of the "Question Properties" window from the Free Edition

    - Encrypting a plugin no longer causes an error message (v4.5.2)

    - Further improved Vista compatibility

    - Several minor bug fixes



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